Metallica's Atlas Rise Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

atlas rise review

Earlier this week, metal juggernauts Metallica unveiled their blistering new track "Atlas, Rise!" as a Halloween surprise for fans. The six-minute Hardwired to Self-Destruct cut finds James Hetfield bellowing over vintage guitar harmonies and Lars Ulrich's propulsive, nimble drumming. The band also showcased the recording sessions with a behind-the-scenes, in-studio clip, highlighted by Ulrich's intense air-drumming, guitarist Kirk Hammett blaring through multiple guitar solos and Robert Trujillo unleashing some gnarly bass faces.

Atlas, Rise is the third preview of Metallica's upcoming tenth studio album Hardwired to Self-Destruct, which is set to be released on November 18. The track is available now as an early preview for fans who purchased the band's Halloween masks that had access codes attached.

It starts off with a simple riff that lays the groundwork for Hetfield's gruff vocals, but it soon breaks into a much more upbeat rhythm as Hetfield raises his tone an octave or two to match the roaring bass and soaring guitar work from both Kirk and Hammett. This really is a great start to this song and one that you will probably find yourself getting stuck into if you're a Metallica fan!

After the short chorus it continues to grow in length until it hits a really interesting guitar solo that is both appealing and a little bit scary at the same time. The solo is a really high quality piece of music and it does really bring back memories of the old days!

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