Metcon DSX Flyknit 2 Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

metcon dsx review

The Metcon DSX Flyknit 2 is the newest version of Nike’s popular cross-training shoe. It combines the signature features of the Metcon 3 with a lighter weight and more flexibility. It comes with the same wide toe box, flat and grippy rubber sole, and a 6mm drop that makes it ideal for heavy weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and gymnastic movements.

The DSX Flyknit is 4% lighter than the original Metcon 3s, and it’s made from a combination of Nike’s signature Flyknit material (which feels like a sock) and Nike’s Flywire construction. The Flyknit upper stretches to form to your foot, and Nike has added some heel padding as well.

In addition to the light weight, there are some other big improvements from the DSX Flyknit 2. For starters, there’s a remodeled TPU heel clip that adds a bit of stability when doing things like HSPU. It also creates a more responsive feel when training, especially for heavier lifts and burpees.

Another great improvement is that the heel is a little bit higher than the Metcon 3. This helps mimic a more standard tennis shoe, which can be helpful for some people.

I found them to be very comfortable and they were a little bit more supportive than the Metcon 3. They also had a slightly larger lip that came up on the toe, which helped with the feel for these shoes.

Overall, the DSX Flyknit 2 is a great shoe for a lot of athletes. I really liked the sexy design and how it looked. However, they are expensive and will only appeal to a select group of sneakerheads.

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