Metzeler Tourance Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

metzler tourance review

Metzeler Tourance Review

For a lot of riders a metzler tourance review is the most essential part of the process of purchasing new tyres for their bike. They can help you decide whether a particular tyre will be right for your needs and budget.

Known for its top-notch performance, reliability and safety, metzeler is one of the most popular brands in motorcycle tyres. The brand also offers a wide range of tyres to meet different riding requirements.

The tyre company is well known for offering high-performance enduro tyres that are durable and offer excellent grip. Its Tourance EXP is a modern-day dual sport capability tyre that is suited for sport touring and adventure bikes.

It’s a great tyre for long haul on-road tours and can be fitted to many internationally acclaimed adventure bikes.

Wet Grip and Stability

For maximum wet traction the tyres are designed with an innovative, high-silica compound (85 percent) containing functionalized polymers which enhance the stability and wet grip characteristics. It also allows a reduction in braking distance by more than 10 per cent.

Durability and longevity

Featuring a rigid moulding and reinforced cords, the tyre is resistant to wear and tear. It also ensures long-lasting tread life and a comfortable ride.

The tyres are available in various rim sizes and can be fitted to the majority of the international renowned adventure bikes. The tyres are infused with several patented technologies for unwavering performance in varied weather conditions.

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