Michelin Latitude Touring All-Season Tire Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Michelin’s crossover and SUV touring all-season tire is one of the best tires in its class. It offers excellent traction on dry roads and confident steering and cornering. It also handles wet conditions well and has great treadwear and a long warranty. However, it’s not as good in snow as many of its competitors. This is primarily because its wide tread widths increase its traction but they restrict the amount of grip it can offer in deeper snow.

The Latitude Tour uses Michelin’s Max Touch Construction technology and a silica-based compound. These help to evenly distribute the forces of braking, cornering and acceleration to enhance tread life and performance. The result is a tread design that does not wear unevenly, even with frequent highway driving.

It also has a low rolling resistance to save on fuel and emissions, making it a Green X tire. This is achieved through a special tread compound and a redesigned contact patch that reduces the Latitude Tour’s rolling resistance by up to 8%. This translates into over 82 gallons of fuel saved over the lifespan of the tire.

Other notable features of the Latitude Tour include a wet weather traction system to resist hydroplaning and multiple sipes for biting edges in snow. Its computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing also help to fight road vibrations to deliver a smooth, quiet ride. Treadwear indicators, which become visible as the tread depth decreases, are included to let drivers know when they need to replace the tire.

David Sunnyside
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