Milestar Weatherguard AW365 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

milestar weatherguard aw365 review

Milestar is a tire brand that specializes in high-value performance tires for sedans, CUVs, and sports coupes. Founded in 2006 and owned by Tireco Inc, the company offers a broad selection of high-quality tires with prices that are competitive for the industry. Milestar also provides a number of all-season and snow/winter tires that have been engineered for passenger cars and SUVs to traverse harsh winter weather. The Milestar Weatherguard AW365 is one of these snow/winter tires with a 3PMSF rating that aims to conquer the winter driving conditions without the need for a separate set of snow tires.

The Milestar Weatherguard AW365 features an all-weather asymmetric tread design with an advanced silica-infused compound to deliver traction in dry, wet, and snowy road conditions. The asymmetric tread design is complemented by interlocking circumferential blocks for traction and directional stability. Large notched lateral grooves help evacuate water for enhanced wet and snowy performance. 3D siping integrated into the tread blocks helps improve traction and reduce noise levels while extending tread life.

This tire has decent summer grip thanks to its softer tread compound, although it loses some of that grip in wet weather. However, the Milestar Weatherguard AW365 still manages to provide adequate stopping power on wet surfaces with short stopping distances. For an all-season tire, this is quite a good result for a budget model.

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