Milkman Amps Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

milkman amps review

Featuring an internal tube preamp, The Amp is designed to live at the intersection of sweet sounds, convenience, and reliability. It can be used as a front end for a modeling system, a DI amp to feed a digital interface, or even as a practice amplifier through headphones.

Clean Sound: Inspired by classic tweed and blackface 1950s and 1960s combos, The Amp delivers crisp, snappy response in the clean range and satisfying advance into vintage-style breakup in the upper third of the volume knob. This is a very versatile tone, able to accommodate both treble and bass guitars and even single coil pickups.

Overdrive Tone: The Amp’s overdrive charcteristic is much more raucous than creamy sustain but it’s a great match for blues and garagey grind. It’s also easy to dial back the bass and treble to emphasise the mids for a more tweedy sound that works well with both P-90s and PAFs.

Reverb: The Amp’s spring reverb is exceptionally controllable, from barely perceptible shimmer to surf city grit. It’s a good complement to the overdrive and is particularly effective with single coils.

Portability: The Amp is a compact design that can be easily lugged to your next gig, and it also features a balanced XLR out with a cab simulator for use as a high-fidelity DI. It can also operate on variable voltage, so it can be used internationally without requiring voltage converters.

The Amp is the culmination of Tim Marcus’s desire to create an amp that is both a perfect voice for pedal steel and portable enough to work with any pedal board. It has the ability to satisfy the needs of a wide range of players, and it can be the missing piece of your backline gear.

David Sunnyside
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