Millennials Compose of?______________? Who Have Grown Up With Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Millennials consist of?_________________ who have grown up with technology. They are the demographic cohort that follows Generation X and precedes Generation Z. They are often described as digital natives, a term that refers to people who grow up in the presence of information technology and consider it natural and normal to be fluent with that technology. This is in contrast to older generations who may feel more hesitant and have difficulty adapting to new technology.

Millennials have been raised to believe that their contributions will impact the world in significant ways. Their conviction that technology is an important part of our society makes them ideal candidates for tech-related roles. Their ability to adapt, paired with their strong work ethic, makes them assets in many technical pursuits. However, they have also been criticized for their sense of entitlement and disloyalty. If given the opportunity, they seek to be challenged, rewarded, and to work for companies that value their input.

They are the most diverse generation in terms of race, education, and income levels. The Great Recession has delayed their journey into the workforce and adulthood, but they are steadily gaining ground. Regardless of their personal situation, millennials are media literate and depend on technology for most aspects of their lives. Whether in the office analyzing Excel spreadsheets or checking their social media, they are steadfastly committed to technology. This enables them to bring critical thinking skills and openness to the table of any workplace.

David Sunnyside
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