Mitsubishi Galant 2005 Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

mitsubishi galant 2005 review

A strong value in the mid-size sedan market, the mitsubishi galant 2005 brings style and competence to its buyers. The car offers a strong V6 that's both stylish and comfortable, a roomy back seat and a superb Infinity sound system.

The Mitsubishi Galant features a sturdy and nimble chassis with a flex-resistant reinforced steel front and rear subframe that uses MASH seam welding techniques to help increase structural rigidity without sacrificing weight penalties. This all-steel structure is designed to meet or exceed the federally mandated performance criteria in the 30-mph frontal, 30-mph oblique and 35-mph rear crash tests.

Ride Quality & Handling

The nimble suspension is attached to a pair of flex-resistant reinforced steel front and rear control arms that are paired with large, vibration-absorbing rear bushings and stiff upper suspension links that provide the Galant's excellent ride quality. The low profile of the rear suspension design helps achieve an excellent floor in the trunk while the long lower control arm mounting points help reduce the transmission of vibration and road noise into the cabin.


The Galant's hood is shaped to fit the vehicle's body and features a sculpted grille that splits the front bumper to give the Galant a distinctive look. Sculpted headlight housings wrap around the fenders and lower fascia to provide a clean, fresh design.


Up to five occupants will fit inside the Galant. The ES and SE trim levels offer a variety of convenience and safety features including air conditioning, cruise control, power windows, locks and mirrors and a CD player. Leather upholstery and a navigation system are also available on the LS and GTS.

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