MIXROOM Plugin Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

mixroom plugin review

There are a lot of plugins on the market that claim to help with mix translation and many of them use EQ curves to do so. MIXROOM, however, uses broad strokes to help massage a mix into place rather than using a complex match EQ and this is one of the reasons it really shines against its competition. It also has a great looking and easy to understand user interface, although initially it feels a little unorthodox at the start for novices.

This plugin has been designed to detect excessive resonances in a mix and give you guidance on how much reduction is needed to resolve them without making the mix sound thin. It does a great job of finding these problems especially on material like vocals, acoustic guitars and drums where these excessive resonances can sneak up on you and sound harsh.

Another big selling point is that it’s a plugin that you load on individual tracks, grouped buses or your master channel and you can apply the EQ to anything within your session. This is a real time saver as it allows you to make adjustments to instruments while monitoring them in context of the whole track.

The other big selling point is that it’s able to simulate multiple different speaker systems in your headphones, which can be very helpful for evaluating how a mix will translate. It’s also a useful tool for quickly auditioning mixes on speakers when you don’t have access to a dedicated room.

David Sunnyside
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