Mizuno JPX921 Forged Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

It’s almost a given that opening up a box of new Mizuno irons is going to be an exciting and satisfying experience, and the jpx921 forged review certainly lived up to expectations. Mizuno have used chromoly steel in the JPX family for a while now but in cast form – if they could forge a chromoly steel iron it would be a huge breakthrough and the jpx921 delivers that – these are the first forged full body irons to use Chromoly 4120 which has allowed the face to be thinner to unlock even more ball speed.

With the jpx921 forged, Mizuno have targeted players looking for a higher performance iron than their previous models but who want to retain control of the ball flight and not sacrifice workability in the process. The jpx921 offers the compact head that many better players prefer, and the redesigned Stability Frame helps keep shots straighter than you might expect from a forged iron.

The jpx921 feels very good in the hands and produces amplified and crisp acoustics as the ball hits the face. This is due to the Harmonic Impact technology, which creates a sound that notifies the player when the clubface is struck on the sweet spot – consonant intervals ring out to indicate success, while dissonant intervals indicate an off centre hit. It’s a fantastic feature and makes it easier to identify poor strikes, helping improve the consistency of your game.

David Sunnyside
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