Monitor Audio Bronze 200 Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

monitor audio bronze 200 review

The Bronze 200 is one of the most popular speakers in the Monitor Audio line, and it has received a number of improvements. Some of them include new C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter with a UD waveguide, improved midbass drivers and optimized crossover.

The design is also a big part of the Bronze series’ appeal. The latest Bronze 6G range is more slender, and features a two-tone finish that reduces visual bulk. Likewise, the baffle is matched to the cabinet for a sleek look.

A more powerful C-CAM midrange driver is used here, with a larger voice coil and concentric damping. RST technology prevents standing waves, while the HiVe system improves air flow in bass-reflex enclosures.

It also features a new version of the honeycomb-speckled grille that first appeared on Monitor Audio’s Silver range. The design is meant to be instantly recognisable, and it makes the Bronze 200’s appearance feel more premium than some other budget offerings from the brand.

Performancewise, the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 impressed us a lot. We were able to hear that the sound imaging was very good, and we could hear that the speakers remained very focused on the music that was being played.

The monitor audio bronze 200 is perfect for music lovers that are looking for a pair of stereo speakers that will serve as front left and right speakers in a full surround sound system. These speakers will also satisfy movie lovers that are looking for a pair of front surround speakers that will provide a rich and deep bass response.

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