Monoprice 5 Watt Tube Amp Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

monoprice 5 watt tube amp review

Unlike solid state amps that are prone to overdrive when turned up, tube amplifiers tend to be more responsive. This is because they are equipped with more tubes (usually EL84) and have higher gain options for that classic rock sound. Having more tubes means that the treble chime will have a lot more headroom, so it can be turned up loud without losing its distinctive tone. The 611705 also comes with a reverb option and master volume to control your tone. With x2 EL84 preamp tubes and a power tube, this Monoprice 5 watt tube amp review is perfect for any guitarist who wants to beef up their tone. It is capable of delivering sweet fresh tones or roof-wrecking power chords, making it ideal for heavy metal music.

This tube amp offers a great deal of features for its price and has earned itself a spot in the top five of all monoprice tube amp reviews. It is based on the Laney Cub circuit with a Celestion Super 8 speaker, allowing it to deliver a surprisingly powerful 5 watts of tube power. It is also able to switch over to 1 watt mode for quieter play and more breakup.

This monoprice tube amp also has a great design and is easy to carry around. It has a 50s and 60s retro cream-colored synthetic exterior, as well as chrome corner guards that add to its durability. It also has a leather handle, making it comfortable to hold and carry for long periods of time. It is also lightweight, making it an excellent choice for a practice amp or to take to lessons.

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