Monroe Monro-Matic Plus Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

Shock absorbers are an important part of your cars suspension system that plays a key role in maintaining the steering, stopping and stability performance of your car. As a car gets older the shocks and struts can begin to lose their ability to control the motion of your vehicle which can lead to increased body roll, premature wear on tyres, excessive bouncing and even reduced braking performance - which can all be dangerous.

Monroe are one of the worlds leading shock absorber and strut manufacturers with over 100 years of experience, and they have a range of products designed to offer your vehicle a better ride. Their replacement shocks and struts are engineered, fitted, inspected and ride checked with unique considerations for your specific vehicle to ensure you get the best performance and durability from them drive after drive.


Engineered to meet OE specifications, Monroe Monro-Matic Plus shocks and struts feature velocity proportional valving and all weather fluid that contains special modifiers that reduce friction for smooth rod reaction. They have a self-lubricating fluid seal to help maintain consistent damping control and the banded piston and bronze reinforced guide provide durability. 1-3/16" bores and a pressurized nitrogen gas charge ensure optimum performance (where applicable).

These quality replacement shock absorbers are ideal for replacing your old, worn-out shocks to help restore your vehicles original ride comfort. The 1-3/16" bore, self-lubricating fluid seal and sintered iron piston rod combine to give your truck a ride thats as good as it was when your vehicle first rolled off the dealer's lot.

David Sunnyside
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