Monster Jam Crush It Switch Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

monster jam crush it switch review

Monster Jam Crush It Switch is a crushing disappointment that slaps together a series of mini games without any clear focus or purpose. While the license and game modes sound great in theory they’re dragged down by an unsatisfying presentation and poor control.

There’s something about a massive, roaring monster truck that shouts power both figuratively and literally. Their giant wheels, raging engines and gauche chassis upholding a crazily designed body just scream “move over and get out of my way!” It’s not hard to imagine that this ferocious sense of power could translate into a video game perfectly - all you need is a little bit of gameplay polish and you’ve got yourself a monster hit.

The first thing that hits you is the graphics, which are drab and dated to a fault. The sprites for each truck look like they’re lifted from a PS1 game and hermetically sealed for freshness, and the whole experience is further tarnished by an absolutely atrocious metal soundtrack.

Gameplay isn’t much better, either. The physics in Stadium Races, Freestyle and Hill Crush mode all but scream “wonky” – even the most basic of flips will have your truck spinning itself into the sky like a demented circus clown. Attempting to make a run in any of these modes will almost certainly see you lose by a landslide as the CPU-controlled trucks pull off unrealistically immaculate tricks.

It’s a real shame that Monster Jam Crush It Smashes so hard into the ground, because it had a chance to be a true beast in the current gaming landscape. With a lack of variety on the Switch, the opportunity was there to fill a niche with a fun and engaging game that would make every Monster Truck fan want to climb inside the cab. Instead, it leaves you wanting more of the same but with a sour taste in your mouth.

David Sunnyside
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