Morgan MVP23 Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

The MVP23 is one of the most impressive amps that Joe Morgan has ever built. This 23w combo with a pair of EL84s is the perfect amplifier for hard-gigging guitarists who value touch response, dynamics and organic harmonic feedback. It sounds stunning whether you play single-coil or humbuckers, clean, pushed or flat out.

Designed to straddle the euphoric sonic space between classic 18w blues breakers and custom modded American amps that sell for $100,000, this handwired beauty takes you from printine clean to liquid overdrive with its simple controls. The gain structure was purposely designed to be extremely sensitive to your pick attack and guitar’s volume control allowing you to paint an incredible range of tones from chimey, shimmering boutique cleans to rich upper harmonic overdrive.

In addition to the standard tone controls you also get Morgan’s Power Scaling circuitry – this feature allows you to dial your amp back from full-on 23 watts down to zero watts without losing any of your tone or dynamic range. This is a huge advantage when using pedals with your amp as most overdrive pedals are designed to be used at or near the point at which your amplifier begins to break up. Conventional master volumes choke off the output of your amp to a usable level which negatively impacts the way your pedals interact with it.

Morgan Amps’ void-less Baltic birch ply cab is loaded with a 16 ohm, 12 inch Celestion G12H75 Creamback speaker that provides the perfect blend of midrange tones that will cut through any mix. It is then wrapped in Morgan’s twilight finish a proprietary ballistic vinyl that is vulcanized to the cab to ensure long-lasting durability.

David Sunnyside
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