Mortal Kombat Tower Fatality Guide

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

When it comes to Mortal Kombat, there's no denying that the franchise has a taste for the macabre. Even with a reboot, NetherRealm Studios still maintains the tradition of gruesome finishing moves that have made this series a staple of fighting game culture. From Kano dancing with his opponent's corpse to Johnny Cage turning them into a ventriloquist dummy, every Fatality in MK11 is designed to satisfy some aspect of the franchise's cinematic sense of humor or brutality.

Unlike a regular special move, which can be used at any time in the fight, a Stage Fatality requires a certain distance and quick button sequence to activate. This is why players often have one or two "mains" — those characters that they always play with in order to get the most out of their abilities. The Tower is a great place to test those mains out, with environmental modifiers that will require a character's specific skill sets.

The most common way to perform a stage fatality is by using the character's secret kombination. Other options include a simple uppercut, the Pit Fatality (which has the victim fall into an acid pit and have their skin and flesh burned off to leave only a bone husk), or the Death Traps Fatality (which simply involves hitting the opponent in the right location).

While the new Tower mode is a welcome addition to the game, it can also be difficult to survive with some of the game's most popular characters. That's because a bug on PC crushes dark details in the story cut-scenes and real-time QTEs, making some of the Tower's most challenging content unplayable.

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