MSR Evo Snowshoes Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

msr evo snowshoes review

A sturdy pair of snowshoes that are versatile enough for most uses. They have good traction on packed or icy snow, and they are easy to use. They are not as comfortable for extended treks or climbing, and they are a bit heavier than some of our upgrade picks.

In addition to their basic frame design, msr evo snowshoes feature a set of metal crampons that attach to the underside of the decking and run up both sides of the footbed. These give a lot of extra traction and help prevent snow from balling up under the shoes. They also have several horizontal plastic ribs on the underside of the decking that provide some traction but are more useful as brakes when descending steep slopes with packed or icy snow.

The MSR Evo Trail is a sturdy pair of snowshoes that are very versatile and easy to use. They work well in most conditions and can be used by most users including novices or experienced hikers. They are a little heavy for longer expeditions and are not as good in deep powder but they are still capable. They are a great value and a reliable choice for most users.

The MSR Lightning Trail snowshoes are lighter than the Evo Trail and offer better performance in deep powder and on steep terrain. They also come with modular tails that add six inches of length for improved flotation. Other options include the Tubbs Xplore, which are lighter and simpler than the Evo Trail but have less floatation. Another option is the Crescent Moon EVA, which are foam snowshoes that use steel spikes for traction.

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