Mydx Analyzer Review - Your Own Personal Lab, in the Palm of Your Hand

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

mydx analyzer review

Your Own Personal Lab, in the Palm of Your Hand

The mydx analyzer review is a product that allows you to test and take some of the “what if’s” out of cannabis consumption. The company claims that it’s the first of its kind to offer a portable chemical analyzer that will allow you to quickly and accurately identify and predict the effect of specific strains.

Essentially, the mydx analyzer is an electronic nose that uses interchangeable sensors to identify the chemical signature of organic properties. It then communicates the results to your smartphone via a wireless connection. This process is made possible by advanced sensor technology that has been developed and tested over two generations at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and used by NASA.

Mydx’s first sensor is the CannaDx, which allows you to test a sample of cannabis and its specific chemical composition. In addition to revealing the ratios of THC and CBD, the CannaDx will also look for terpenes which are known to play a significant role in how a particular strain makes one feel.

The Mydx app will then display the results and compare them to a database of chemicals combinations and their associated feelings. Mandee of Green Flower Media tried out the mydx analyzer and had a few issues with the device. Specifically, she found that it was inaccurate and claimed to do more than it actually does. She also noted that the company’s customer service was poor.

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