Mystery Ranch Ravine Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

mystery ranch ravine review

Mystery Ranch is an American backpack manufacturer that has a lot of experience in proffessional carrying equipment. They make premium models for mountain backpacking, law enforcement, firefighters and hunting that can be compared to the best in the market. They also make military grade models and provide professional backpacks for the US army.

The Ravine pack is designed for a broad range of hiking trips, from overnighters to lightweight multi-day treks. It has a versatile, feature-filled design and the patented Futura Yoke to efficiently transfer weight from your shoulders to your hips.

One of the most distinctive features on this pack is the 3-ZIP design, which should be properly called the Eighth Wonder of the Backpack. This allows you to easily access items without taking everything out. The pack is equipped with a few other useful features, such as cinch cords for attaching trekking poles, zippered exterior sleeve pockets at the front and sides, water-bottle pockets at the hips, a lid pocket and more.

The form-fitting yoke on this pack is easy to fine-tune for a custom fit. This is done with a heavy-duty hook and loop panel that connects the adjustable shoulder yoke to the pack frame sheet, and a molded adjuster that breaks the hook and loop free from the frame sheet for vertical adjustment. This is a very intuitive system that makes it very easy to find a good fit on this pack. The hip belt on this pack is fixed and doesn't extend, but it has a very good length that will accommodate most waist sizes pretty well.

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