Nagu Gavara's Nathicharami Tamil Movie Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

nathicharami telugu movie review

Writer-director Nagu Gavara’s story about a woman who tries to satisfy her sexual desires in the wake of her husband’s death and how she is unable to do so because of societal moorings is refreshingly different from the routine tales with lascivious undertones. He keeps us interested as he establishes that Gowri’s character is more than what meets the eye.

Poonam Kaur delivers a remarkable performance in the role of a wife who is torn between her physical desires and emotional beliefs. She is a powerhouse who has the talent to express her emotions through strong dialogues and sombre facial expressions. However, she falters during the intimate sequences and fails to convince as a lonely woman who feels survivor’s guilt.

She is ably supported by Arvind Krishna who manages to impress with his subtle performance. Kavitha, Madhavi, Jayasri Rachakonda, Krishna, Sathanna, and others play supporting roles in the film. Music is composed by Nawin and cinematography is handled by Mahi Sherla. The film is edited by Vinod Advay and produced by Jai Vaishnavi K under A Studio 24 Frames banner. The film is releasing on March 10 on 20 OTT platforms.

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