Nana Does Vegas Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

The world's wildest grandma has been unleashed again in Katherine DiSavino's new comedy, "Nana Does Vegas," at the Rainbow Playhouse. This time, the troublemaker has a daughter in law to help her navigate the sexy world of show business and Las Vegas gambling.

The cast includes Linda Benning as Nana, Yvonne Lindtroth Silva as her hard-if-hearing friend Vera and Christina Cunningham as Bridget, her granddaughter. Joshua Meihaus is her helpful neighbor and cop, and Jackie Bryom, Tom Pierpont and Alejandro Gutierrez round out the talented cast.

There are lots of laughs in this fast paced, fun-loving romp as Nana and her sidekick Vera sew costumes for a show in Las Vegas. The wisecracks roll when Vera tries to do illegal gambling and steal customers from Nana's new Italian lover Dino Marino, who manages the hotel.

If you love a good farce, you should check out NANA DOES VEGAS, which has some real potential to be a classic. The story is lighthearted, the wit is snappy, and the resolutions are surprisingly surprising.

And the plot is not only hilarious but also a good study of women's lives and relationships in an age when anticommunist purges threaten to destroy everything they have built. Happy Salma, the actor who mostly works in Indonesia and whose performance is revelatory, evinces an unwavering dignity as Nana, who's not afraid to admit her secrets to her daughter.

And in that same way, Ren (Murphy), a rock musician who leaves his hometown to pursue fame in New York, embodies a similar desire for fulfillment. He's not as talented as the other guitar player, but he's driven to achieve his goal by sheer determination and hard work.

David Sunnyside
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