Navex RiskRate and LogicGate Risk Cloud

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

navex risk rate

RiskRate from Navex Global is an ideal tool for enterprise due diligence and third-party risk management programs, featuring centralized onboarding, constant third-party monitoring and screening and efficient workflows that keep users up to date at all times.

This software empowers organizations to implement a risk-based approach to vendor due diligence. Aligning with FCPA Guide requirements and other regulatory agency directives, it assists organizations in identifying, stratifying, and surfaceing risks that need further attention.

RiskRate Vendor Risk Management Software

Vendor risk management software allows managed service providers and other IT organizations to monitor vendors, IT suppliers, and any third parties that may cause security breaches or data losses, including contract marketing teams, manufacturing suppliers, legal advisers, accounting consultants etc. Effective vendor risk management (VRM) programs protect an organization by conducting due diligence checks on all third-party relationships over time and performing ongoing monitoring checks to maintain effective relationships.

VRM solutions are part of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platforms and can help mitigate third party bribery, corruption, fraud and more by automating onboarding, screening and continuous monitoring with configurable platform capabilities.

Established in 2006, UpGuard provides an affordable SaaS solution for vulnerability scanning and threat intelligence. Their VRM software measures an organization's defense posture using CSTAR metric; providing insight into future intrusions or outages. LogicManager is an enterprise GRC platform vendor offering patent technology for taxonomies; supporting crucial processes like third-party due diligence reviews, annual risk assessments, SLA monitoring services monitoring with AI answer matching services.

RiskRate Third-Party Risk Management Software

NAVEX Global's RiskRate third party risk management software provides enterprises with a centralized due diligence platform for conducting best-practice based third party risk management programs with onboarding, screening and monitoring for third parties. It provides continuous screening monitoring record keeping that meets local law and internal mandate requirements.

The solution offers a Profile Risk tool, which allows users to stratify third party risks by outlining their top concerns; then its Risk Ranking automatically assigns scores for each third party and alerts for new and existing issues; it is available in multiple languages and supports electronic signatures and mobile app access.

NAVEX One GRC platform makes this software available, enabling users to monitor vendor due diligence and reduce high risks. Employees and managers can manage all their risk management tasks in one central place from incident management, ethics training, policy administration and conflict-of-interest disclosure reporting to conflict of interest disclosure reporting.

RiskRate Privacy Risk Management Software

LogicGate Risk Cloud offers businesses an effective solution for managing various components of their GRC programs, including governance, risk and compliance management along with third party and IT risk evaluation and monitoring. Designed specifically to suit organizations of all sizes with a modern user interface and superior customer service - as well as dependency graphs to help users comprehend how various risks interact.

This software enables businesses to monitor third-party risks through an intelligent database, screening over 500 regulatory lists, 200,000 media publications and 8 million adverse media profiles - helping identify and mitigate them while remaining compliant with FCPA guidelines.

NAVEX One provides users with this solution to enable them to conduct vendor due diligence checks to mitigate or reduce high risks, with central screening, onboarding and third-party monitoring capabilities as well as enhanced ultimate beneficial ownership data from Dun & Bradstreet.

RiskRate Business Continuity Management Software

Strengthen business continuity and resilience with an integrated risk management program from NAVEX One. Created to assist companies in monitoring third-party risks, its NAVEX One platform includes RiskRate as a vendor due diligence solution to track risk levels, third party background checks and compliance requirements; ZenGRC allows users to conduct risk assessments, drive training programs and policy attestations events as well as providing central onboarding, screening and third-party monitoring features.

Reducing risk to critical operations, revenue streams and brand reputation with an effective business continuity and disaster recovery plan management system is easier than ever with our comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan management system. Proactively identify and track business processes, resources, and assets using a robust data repository with automated risk scoring and analysis and customizable reports.

An effective business continuity management software solution can free your team to focus on more strategic initiatives by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks. Deploy, test, and execute business continuity plans quickly while easily conducting risk analyses, recovery action tracking, emergency mass notification notifications and emergency mass notification alerts. Plus you'll maintain digital models of your organization including RTO/RPO dependencies through advanced business process modeling features.

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