NC Math 4 Final Exam Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

nc math 4 final exam review

NC Final Exams

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching, and students are preparing for their North Carolina End of Course (EOC) exams. These are the tests that will determine a student's grade on their school report card and are one of the state measures used to evaluate schools and teachers. Among these tests is the EOC for Math 1, which is the test that covers algebra skills. There are also EOC exams for Discrete Math, Advanced Functions and Modeling, and Pre-Calculus.

This course is an in-depth study of mathematics in a real world context. It expands the study of functions from Math III and introduces topics from Pre-Calculus. Students solve real-world problems using their knowledge of numbers, functions, and algebra. They seek the meaning of a problem and look for efficient ways to represent and solve it. Students also consider the reasonableness of intermediate results and apply processes to solve complex equations.

The goal of the course is to build understanding of exponential functions, a topic that is new for many students. In addition, students will build understanding of the key features and parameters of sine and cosine functions. They will also learn to translate between representational forms of trigonometric functions such as graphs, tables, and algebraic formats. Students will also develop an understanding of phase shift for trigonometric functions. This is an important concept that will be useful in the future for students who are planning to take college level Calculus courses.

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