Nespresso Vertuo Next Vs Plus

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

vertuo next vs plus

Nespresso offers two coffee and espresso machines known as the Vertuo Next and Plus that use Vertuo pods with Centrifusion technology to craft exceptional cups of coffee or espresso. However, these two models differ significantly in some key regards - for instance, one is more energy-intensive while the Next has a smaller water tank capacity; both models are sleek modern-looking machines taking up minimal counter space.

Which machine you purchase depends heavily on your needs and budget. The Next is typically less expensive and can come packaged with a milk frother; while the Plus features more features and can connect to the internet (but this might not be necessary). Furthermore, it has larger storage space for capsules used during operation as well as use of an app that lets you remotely manage it.

Both machines offer great options for anyone who enjoys starting their day right with a delicious cup of coffee or espresso, but which should you purchase? Deciding between the Vertuo Next and Plus comes down to your needs and budget; for example, while the former has lower power ratings and consumes less energy, its quicker brew times could hinder it's use over the latter which has greater power as well as larger water storage tanks to accommodate multiple drinks without the need to refill as often.

One key difference between the Vertuo Next and Plus machines is how quickly they heat up; with the former taking about 30 seconds and 20 seconds respectively. Though this difference might seem minor, it should be kept in mind when comparing these machines.

The Vertuo Plus has an edge when it comes to producing larger coffee volumes, due primarily to its larger internal storage space for used capsules and three extra ounces of water and two additional pods - features which make a significant difference for someone who drinks a lot of coffee or espresso.

Centrifusion machines use centrifusion to extract the finest flavors from coffee pods, spinning 7000 times per minute before grinding with hot water to produce rich cups of coffee or espresso. Both machines are quick and straightforward in their operation, though the Vertuo Plus may offer slight edge in certain areas.

First and foremost, the Vertuo Plus boasts a motorized system for opening and closing its pod container, making it far simpler to use than its counterpart, Vertuo Next, which requires you to slide a clip over and lock it. For those living with arthritis or physical disabilities this may prove challenging; also handy is that its automatic shutoff after nine minutes of inactivity provides further savings in electricity use.

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