Nespresso Vertuo Plus Vs Next Espresso Machines

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

nespresso vertuo plus vs next

Nespresso provides a selection of convenient and user-friendly espresso machines using Vertuo capsules, such as the Vertuo Plus and Next. Both models utilize Centrifusion technology to craft crema-rich espresso drinks or coffee drinks; both also boast sleek modern designs for easy operation; however they each possess important differences you should keep in mind before making a decision; for instance the former features an easy open head while its rotating water tank, while its counterpart can make larger 18 oz coffee and has Wi-Fi connectivity compared to its counterpart.

Both Vertuo Plus and Next models use Nespresso's Centrifusion technology to craft rich crema-filled coffee or espresso beverages, using Vertuo capsules with their distinctive shape designed for proper infusion. Each capsule comes equipped with its own barcode that the machine reads when placed into its pod compartment; once rotated into place it dispenses water according to size; supporting five sizes (Alto (14oz), Coffee (7 oz), Lungo (5oz) and Double Espresso (2.75oz). Additionally the Next can handle larger drinks, up to 18oz carafe of drinks at once!

The Vertuo Plus stands out from its counterpart by having a larger water tank that can swivel left and right, and an expanded capsule container capable of holding up to 10 used Nespresso capsules; by contrast, its counterpart only holds 8. Additionally, this machine boasts an automated capsule ejection system that removes and disposes of used capsules automatically once they've finished brewing; an excellent way to save yourself the trouble of manually emptying each used capsule manually!

Although both machines are easy to use, the Vertuo Plus stands out as being more user-friendly than its counterpart. It features a large touchscreen display and user-friendly navigation; additionally it's compatible with Nespresso Go - providing another way for you to stay connected to your coffee even when away from home!

The Vertuo Plus is more reliable than its Next counterpart, boasting faster heating up time and recovery as well as an ergonomic capsule compartment which opens and closes automatically for added time-saving in the morning. In contrast, Next requires more manual effort when opening/loading and will take much longer before heating up/cooling down again.

Nespresso updates its software regularly to enhance performance and introduce new features, giving the Vertuo Plus an edge over its Next counterpart, which only receives minor software enhancements. As such, this advanced coffee and espresso machine offers user-friendly features, convenient storage solutions, and stunning design which have quickly made it popular among coffee enthusiasts.

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