Nespresso Vertuo Plus Vs Vertuo Next

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

vertuo next vs vertuoplus

Are You Shopping for a Nespresso Machine, or Simply Exploring Their Range? When looking for the ideal coffee machine, one Nespresso model could be exactly what's needed: Vertuo Plus and Vertuo Next are great options to consider when looking for quick and easy ways to make coffee at home - both offer different brewing sizes and features, yet both provide quick results! However, some key distinctions must also be considered between them in terms of pricing, etc.

The Vertuo Plus may cost more upfront, but its extra features may make the investment worth your while. It features a rotating water tank that can be moved around on the machine to suit different kitchen spaces as well as more modern design features and faster warm-up time, all made of 54% recycled materials!

While the Vertuo Plus may be ideal for those who value convenience and speed, it should be remembered that its customization options may not match those found with other Nespresso models. For instance, there's no touchscreen feature; temperature can only be adjusted with buttons on its side panel. Furthermore, the Vertuo Plus doesn't come equipped with its own grinder making it unsuitable for people who prefer grinding their own beans themselves.

Additionally, the Vertuo Plus can only brew single and double espressos - not ideal if you prefer making full carafes of coffee each morning - and takes slightly longer to heat up than its competitor, the Vertuo Next. However, these minor shortcomings shouldn't detract too heavily from its overall functionality.

Overall, the Vertuo Next is the better choice when searching for a compact coffee machine with easy operation and modern aesthetics. Slightly more affordable than its counterpart (37 oz compared to 40 oz), the Next provides more choices when it comes to morning brew.

However, for maximum customization and experience the Vertuo Plus may be best. Connected via Wifi and Bluetooth for software updates, the Plus can automatically update when Nespresso releases new pod types, thus eliminating frustration of trying to find compatible ones. Furthermore, its larger capacity for holding used capsules reduces how often you must empty out its bin.

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