Nestig Wave Crib Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

nestig wave crib review

When it comes to non-toxic baby products that grow with your child, nestig is the brand to know. The company is a relatively new direct-to-consumer company founded by Guilherme Picciotto and Sara Adam Slywka, who both graduated from Columbia University’s MBA program. The New York-based company focuses on providing modern parents with nursery furniture that fits their style and can also be converted into a bassinet and toddler bed as needed.

Nestig is a fairly young and small company, so they are able to offer more personalized customer service. Customers can get in touch with a live representative via email or phone, and they can have any questions answered. The company’s mission is to provide “modern and stylish nursery furniture that are safe for baby and family.”

Their cribs, in particular, have been designed to last. The company uses sustainable materials and a no-inventory model (meaning that they handmake your crib after you place your order). They also go above and beyond government safety standards by using JPMA-certified wood, which is sourced from southeastern Brazil.

The Wave crib is one of the company’s most popular and highest-reviewed products. It is inspired by the movement of the ocean and can convert from a mini crib, to a full crib, and then into a toddler bed.

Another unique feature of the nestig wave crib is its sloping sides and high backboard, which are intended to make it harder for your little one to climb out. The company also offers a free conversion kit with the purchase of a Wave crib, which will allow you to use your crib right up until your child is 35” tall or starts climbing (whichever happens first).

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