May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

netgear wn 2000 rpt review

NETGEAR's latest extender should please those who prefer a standalone solution to the Powerline alternatives touted by Aztech and others. This one keeps your existing wireless equipment and eliminates dead spots without the need for wires. Its four LAN ports, seated behind a removable panel, are also handy for connecting equipment like desktops and gaming consoles to the extended network.

Setup is a breeze, thanks to the included step-by-step, graphical Installation Guide (which wisely advises placing the extender midway between your router and the area you wish to extend WiFi coverage). There's no CD or any other software required; all you need is working wall outlets, a computer with an updated Internet browser, and a default web URL.

The WN2000RPT's admin interface is also quite good. A small, intuitive and colorful graphic shows your Extender's basic status and gives you access to a few basic settings. The BASIC Home page is where you get a real-time link-rate LED, and where you can manually set the Extender's SSID name to something less generic than "netgear".

The last setting on this page allows you to set the Extender's MAC address filter to block devices not on your network from getting onto it (a very useful security measure). You'll want to leave the password to the admin interface at its default value of admin (which is what the WN2000RPT gives you when it first comes up). The Nighthawk mobile app is a good way to set up this extender; it's easy, fast, and offers plenty of on-screen prompts. But you can also use the WN2000RPT's Web GUI.

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