Nexen Winguard Ice Plus Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

nexen winguard ice plus review

The nexen winguard ice plus is a high-performance winter tire designed to improve your vehicle’s traction on snow and ice. This studless tire has an advanced silica compound molded into a dual V shape for increased braking and grip performance in snow conditions. This tire also features 4 grooves and two small semi grooves that drain snow, slush, and water. Its shoulder stiffness enhances durability and its 3D block prevents abnormal wear. It is backed by the Nexen Total Coverage Warranty and offers a 45-day money back guarantee for peace of mind.

The Winguard Ice Plus delivers outstanding winter performance without any compromises in traction, ride comfort, or handling. The directional tread design closely follows the road surface for an improved driving experience. This constant contact allows the tire to absorb shock from steering, reducing the road vibrations felt in the vehicle’s cabin.

This tire has a directional tread pattern with a continuous center rib that maintains a consistent road contact throughout its performance. This ensures quick and precise steering response and driving stability. It also promotes a comfortable driving experience with low noise and vibration, which is great for those who drive long distances in winter.

It also improves wet weather performance with excellent traction and stability, as well as good resistance to hydroplaning. The directional design also promotes quick and precise cornering.

The Winguard Ice Plus is a budget-friendly winter tire that performs well on snow and ice, but it doesn’t do so very well in dry roads or fuel economy. It does, however, offer excellent traction in the wet and has a very strong snow grip.

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