Nicole Byer - A Netflix Special Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

nicole byer netflix special review

After gaining a huge following and multiple Emmy nominations as host of Nailed It!, Nicole Byer is back with her first-ever Netflix special. It’s titled BBW, and she definitely lives up to the 18+ rating. Featuring everything from sex and dating to the effects of the pandemie, she doesn’t hold anything back and brings a mix of boldness and mean-spiritedness to the stage that is sure to please her fans.

With a handful of podcasts to her name, a stint on Girl Code, and a slew of voice and acting roles, Byer has been quite busy since the beginning of her TV career in 2018. In addition to her show-hosting duties, she hosts several other popular comedy shows, including NBC’s Grand Crew with John Cena and the competing baking competition series Nailed It, which earned her a pair of Emmy nods in 2020 and 2021.

Throughout the hour-long program, Byer delivers a wide variety of topics that are both funny and thought-provoking. From men (or, as she calls them “fuhking yt guys”) to Karen’s, from cat funerals to karaoke, she covers a lot of ground while managing to deliver the most laugh-out-loud moments.

The only thing missing from this special is some pranks and toilet humor, but otherwise it’s an excellent showcase of Byer’s talent as a comedian. She has a rare combination of exuberance and world-weariness that makes her seem completely authentic while also being very funny, a hard feat to achieve in stand-up comedy.

David Sunnyside
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