Nike Fly By Mid Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

nike fly by mid review

Nike's Fly By Mid series feels like one of the best bang-for-the-buck models on the market. The traction does exactly what players need it to do, and the cushioning performs well on clean courts. You can also play in these shoes for extended periods without worrying about aching feet or blisters.

The biggest change from the original Alphafly is a thin layer of ZoomX foam directly under the forefoot air pods. This makes the shoe more compliant when your foot hits the ground, which improves energy return. It also helps the shoe transition a little better from heel-off to toe-off, which is a challenge with thick-soled shoes. Finally, Nike made the heel a bit wider and wrapped the foam up higher to help you feel stable rounding turns.

The rest of the upper is a simple mix of textile mesh and synthetic leather. The mesh is basic, and it felt crispy at first, but conformed to my foot well over time. The leather is used sparingly and doesn't feel premium, but it does a good job of retaining its shape over time. There's a thin fuse overlay on the toe, but other than that, these are very basic shoes. They're not the best materials ever used in a basketball shoe, but they get the job done and look nice on-court.

David Sunnyside
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