Nike Sasquatch Driver Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

nike sasquatch driver review

Nike Sasquatch Driver Review

Nike has produced a number of memorable drivers in their history, from square-head designs to powerful tour heads and they are well-known for making clubs that look and perform. The sasquatch driver is the latest addition to this list.

It has a weird looking head that is not everyone's cup of tea, but it does have an interesting shape and the half moon weighting system at the back does make the club look bigger than it really is. That said, it is also extremely forgiving on off-centre hits, and it has a big head behind the ball that will help boost confidence.

The Sasquatch 460 has been a popular model for Nike since its launch in 2007. It has a large, deep face and the low center of gravity helps to produce a high ball flight with less spin.

A high MOI is a key feature of this club, and it also has an updated body shape to ensure a consistent ball flight. This is a great driver for the recreational player.

This driver has a face of layered yet tightly compressed titanium called NexTi, which is only available in Nike Golf drivers. This material is thinner, stronger and lighter than conventional titanium.

Using NexTi with SasQuatch Geometry provides a powerful blend of distance and accuracy.

The SQ Dymo 460 is another popular Nike driver that offers a lot of performance at a good price point. It has a 460cc head and features a sleek black profile that helps to reduce drag. This helps to generate more speed, which in turn increases the distance of the club head.

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