Nike SB Lunar Oneshot Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

nike sb lunar oneshot review

When we first heard about the Nike sb lunar oneshot, we were very excited. It looked like a very simple shoe but it had some pretty innovative technology in it, possibly the most advanced skate shoe on the market!

The new nike sb lunar oneshot is ready to ride right out of the box with a padded heel, flexible herringbone outsole, mesh heel pocket and 2-piece construction that gives you an instant broken-in feel. Tested by team riders Sean Malto and Shane O'Neill, the nike sb lunar oneshot was designed with functionality in mind.

Comfort is another key area of focus when designing a skate shoe, and the new nike sb lunar oneshot fits very snugly to your foot, with little or no seams and fixed toe. It's also very lightweight, thanks to the Lunarlon sole and the minimalistic design.

Grip is another important factor to keep in mind when designing a skate shoe, and the nike sb lunar oneshot has a good grip on most surfaces. The sole is extremely flexible and adapts to your foot's concave very well, which results in great boardfeel and grip.

The nike sb lunar oneshot also features some amazing innovation on the sole, including an innovative hyperscreen traction layer, which helps to reduce wear and tear and improve the durability of suede. It also comes with a great grip that works really well on all types of surfaces, and it's perfect for kickflips!

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