Nimya Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

nimya review

From theatrical winged liner to electric blue lids, Nikkie De Jager aka the guru behind YouTube beauty channel NikkieTutorials knows how to pull off some pretty daring and dazzling makeup trends. And now she’s taken those skills to her own skincare-makeup brand, Nimya. The first range consists of four products that are all geared towards prepping your skin for makeup application. The collection includes her Where It All Starts Cream (a primer/moisturizer hybrid that she says is “my preferred level of stickiness for making makeup last”); the Set It and Forget It Setting Spray; the License to Glow Serum and her Brr Brr Cooling Eye Stick. And because she is Nikkie, of course the products come in her signature blue and orange vibrant brand colours.

According to Vedic Astrology people with name Nimya are very friendly in nature and have a lot of love for different types of literature. They have a strong power of writing, specially the creative writing. They have a great interest in various types of dance, painting and singing also. They have a balanced sense of food and dress too. These natives are also a bit emotional and tend to overreact sometimes.

Unlike many of her competitors, Nikkie has no set launch cadence for her line and will release new products as she feels ready. And she promises that “it’s all been self-funded so I can be sure that what’s coming is going to be good!” The entire Nimya range will be available on Space NK from September 23, and you can shop it in the US, UK and Australia soon enough.

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