Nine Promising Benefits of Hiring a Writing Coach

March 21, 2024
Natalie Thorburn

Writing a book is not something that happens overnight. It is an investment that requires a lot of time, energy, and effort. The struggles of completing a manuscript are only truly understood by people when they are set on the journey to becoming an author themselves.

In such circumstances, many ask themselves who a writing coach is and whether they need one. A writing coach is a professional who can offer their services to help you make the right decisions and plan the process of writing your manuscript.

If you are not sure whether a writing coach is well-suited to your needs, consider the following benefits can help you make a decision.

Clarify Your Goals

Whether you want to write a memoir to leave your legacy or a legacy piece for your business, there is always a goal behind writing a book. It can be hard to stay motivated to achieve these goals if you are not sure what they are.

If you are not sure what your driving force for writing the book is, your writing coach can help you identify it. After identifying your main goals, they can help you plan a roadmap to achieve these goals and stay on track.

Enjoy One on One Guidance

If you are a novice author, you may have taken some online courses on writing a book. However, these courses may have failed to engage you because they guide you generally. There is no dedicated guidance for authors.

On the contrary, your writing coach is there to address your issues and identify your strengths. They can help you learn more effectively through one-on-one sessions and shorten your learning curve. It is an experience that any generic writing source can never provide.

Implement Your Plans

Whether you have just entered the world of writing or have been here for some time, every author can agree that they do not always stick to their plans. Sometimes, authors find themselves procrastinating, and other times, they may face writer’s block. Such problems can hinder all your plans ahead.

Having a writing coach by your side helps you stay motivated and inspired. They can help you create schedules, stick with deadlines, and maintain a writing routine to ensure that you successfully implement your plans and achieve your goals.

Stay Accountable

Seasoned authors often emphasize the importance of having an accountability partner. They can help you remember your goals and keep moving toward them. Your writing coach can become your best partner to help you stay on track.

Writing coaches bring accountability to your book development plans. They can monitor your progress, help you stay on track, and ensure that you stay disciplined so that you meet your deadlines and nothing gets pushed back on your journey.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Many authors can agree that they face trouble with time management while writing their manuscript. It is easy to get busy with other important things in life and fall off-track on your schedule. However, the time that passes does not come back.

If you have trouble managing your time, you can rely on your writing coach to help you with this aspect. They can help you divide your time neatly to ensure that you stay on track and do not fall off track. It leads to the timely completion of your work.

Identify Your Challenges

Every author faces different types of challenges while writing their manuscript. Identifying these challenges can help you become more efficient at writing and ensure timely completion of your manuscript.

If you are unable to see the challenges surrounding you and how they affect your performance, you can trust your writing coach to guide you effectively. They can view you and your work from a third-person point of view and help you make the much-needed improvements.

Avoid Burnouts

Authors battle burnout more often than they can remember. In such a state, not only the body but also the mind gets tired, leading to a decline in productivity. Even if you continue to write in such circumstances, it may only be just for the sake of maintaining a routine.

A writing coach can help you avoid frequent burnout by helping you keep a positive mindset. They can ensure that you work only with a schedule that is well-suited to your capabilities and avoid weariness and fatigue.

Benefit from Unbiased Opinion

All writers are recommended to edit their first draft at the very least. It is a good practice that helps you with self-improvement. However, nothing beats an experienced third person’s unbiased opinion and its role in improving your benefit.

Instead of being concerned about the opinions of inexperienced people, you can rely on your writing coach to receive constructive feedback. Writing coaches find the right balance between being too harsh or too lenient towards your work.

Honest feedback from a writing coach can help writers learn more effectively and avoid making repetitive mistakes in the future. Thus, hiring a writing coach can help you not only in the moment but throughout your career as well.

Submit Quality Query Letters

If you are planning to reach out to a publishing house to subsidize your book, you must prepare yourself for some harsh challenges, as it can be a very difficult path. While there are many steps included in getting a famous publishing house on board, writing an amazing query letter or proposal is the first one.

An efficient book proposal should include a brief description of the book's concept, some sample chapters that showcase the book's theme, and a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Just because you are a good writer does not mean that you have the necessary skills to promote their work or devise a marketing plan for their book.

Your writing coach can also help you create an efficient proposal for independent self-publishing bookstores and traditional publishing houses. Acknowledging it as an important part of a writer’s journey, most writing coaches include this aspect in their services.


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