Nineteen Years Later - What Editing Software Did Harry Potter Use?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Harry Potter books and films have attracted a large and enthusiastic adult readership as well as a significant following among children, and have been considered cornerstones of modern literature. They have been translated into countless languages, and sold more than 600 million copies worldwide. They have earned numerous awards, including the Newbery Medal and the Carnegie Medal in the United States. They have inspired a wide variety of merchandise, from toys to video games to Lego Harry Potter models.

Nineteen Years Later

The climax of the series takes place in Hogwarts, with Harry on the precipice of the Great Wizarding War between good and evil. Harry is accompanied by his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, both of whom are members of Gryffindor House. He also encounters the school's potions master, Severus Snape; the rich pure-blood Draco Malfoy, whom he forms an enmity with; and Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Quirinus Quirrell, who turns out to be allied with Voldemort.

In his sixth year at Hogwarts, Harry becomes more involved in fighting against Voldemort's return. Dumbledore re-activates the Order of the Phoenix, and Harry and Hermione form "Dumbledore's Army" to train students in Defence Against the Dark Arts, which has been banned by the Ministry of Magic under Dolores Umbridge. At the same time, Harry learns that Voldemort divided his soul into pieces and stored them in various objects, known as Horcruxes. Using a device called a Pensieve, Harry and Dumbledore travel to a distant lake to destroy one of the Horcruxes.

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