Nioxin Hair System Kit Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

nioxin hair system kit review

Nioxin is a hair-care company that creates personalized remedies for those suffering from thinning or balding hair. They specialize in creating scalp treatments that strengthen and thicken strands without weighing down hair. They use a unique combination of ingredients including botanicals, humectants, and vitamins, to help reduce breakage and thinning and encourage growth. They also offer a range of hair growth systems that are targeted towards different levels of thinning and include shampoo, conditioner, and treatment products.

On their amazon product page, they claim that the System 2 kit has been clinically proven to reduce by up to 91% hair fall due to breakage**. This claim is backed up by a number of studies, including one published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery. They also have a number of videos and testimonials on their website from people who have used the products.

The System 3 kit is a special formulation that works for those with color-treated hair who have light thinning and helps to amplify the appearance of each strand. It also reduces hair loss caused by breakage while restoring a healthy shine to the strands. The cleanser shampoo gently removes toxins, dirt, and excess oils while the scalp therapy conditioner adds a protective coating to the hair and helps to improve strand strength and resilience. The scalp & hair treatment includes a formula with cystine amino acids and white tea extract, which are formulated to help promote hair growth.

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