No Man's Sky Save - How to Save in No Man's Sky

February 27, 2024
David Sunnyside

No Man’s Sky is a vast universe that players can explore and build upon. There are valuable resources to collect, ships to purchase and fleets of cargo freighters to command. No matter how far you have progressed in the game, it’s important to save regularly to avoid losing any of your hard work.

In most open-world games, there’s a dedicated save button that allows players to manually save their game. However, No Man’s Sky doesn’t have a clear save option that can be easily triggered. Thankfully, the game does create automatic save points when players exit their starship and after certain major story beats. In addition, the game also offers a portable save point that players can make and use as they please.

To use the Save Beacon, players must first craft the blueprint for it from the Space Anomaly (for free after completing the fifth base computer side mission) or from the Tech Build Merchant for 1x Salvaged Data. Afterward, the player can use it just like any other constructed technology in the game by placing it and activating it. Moreover, the portable Save Beacon can be picked up and used again in the future, which makes it an excellent way to save the game whenever necessary.

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