Notch Hat Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

notch hat review

Notch is a hat company that has developed a unique system for accommodating sunglasses on a curved visor. Their patent-pending design has been a game changer for shooters, athletes, and anyone who wears a hat and sunglasses. The hat features two strategically placed notches on the visor that allow for the sunglass stems to fit through without hitting the brim of the hat or resting on top of it.

The result is a hat that fits perfectly and eliminates the need to battle with the brim of your sunglasses or suffer the mild annoyance of a hat that doesn't quite fit right because of your glasses. Paul Cunningham, the former Marine behind Notch, saw this need and engineered a solution that is practical, simple, and effective.

We teamed up with veteran owned Notch to bring you the first-of-its-kind hat & patch combo! This classic fitted OD operator cap is precurved to fit the Notch visor & features a handcrafted Bourbon Barrel American Flag Patch that will turn heads wherever you go.

David Sunnyside
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