Nware 17in Laptop Review

September 12, 2022
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Nware 17in laptop Review

Nware 17in Laptop Review

The Nware 17in laptop is geared towards students or people who work from home. And also gamers. Because of the 17 inch screen, it is the ideal laptop if you are looking to stream movies or shows. It also features Turbo Boost technology. Which is a great perk for those who want interrupted and quick speed. Check out the full Nware 17in laptop review below.

Memory and Storage:

The Nware 17in laptop comes with a cache memory of 6MB and the storage of this model is 1000 GB. The battery is an Enware 17-inch battery. This battery has a longer lifespan than most other laptops. Which makes it a great option for those who don't want to have to work plugged in, or take time to charge throughout the day.

Operating system and Display:

The Nware 17in laptop features a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It also includes two Thunderbolt 3 ports. These are able to connect two 4K, or one 5K screen. Furthermore, there is also an HDMI and a DisplayPort port. Not only are the graphics stunning, but the sound quality in this laptop is also incredible. It features a Dolby audio system. Also, this laptop has Windows 10 already installed and ready to go. 

Processor and Graphics:

Nware 17in laptop comes with Intel Core i7 processor. It is able to operate at a maximum speed of 3.5GHz. Additionally, the graphics processor features are the GeForce GTX 970M. This is perfect for people who stream or play games on their laptop. There is 3GB of GDDR5 memory in the GTX 970M. This produces beautiful high definition pictures. Furthermore, the graphics card also comes equipped with 640 CUDA cores. 

Nware 17in Laptop Pros:

  • 17 inch screen
  • Fast processor
  • Long battery life

Nware 17in Laptop Cons:

  • Not the best for traveling
  • Not many ports

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