Oanda Review: Things you need to know

April 6, 2022
Justin Lumiere

Do you want to know about the platform OANDA? No worries! We have shared the OANDA review in this article, which will benefit your knowledge. So without ado, let's have a look at what is OANDA first;

What exactly is OANDA?

OANDA is a software financial services provider based in the United States established in 1996 with the idea that the online will open up the markets and provide us with equal access to the information and trading.

However, everything we've seen since 2001 suggests that the method was right on, with OANDA becoming the first company to publish complete currency exchange info online and help the growth of currency trading.

Broker has increased recently to a multinational company with offices in eight financial centers (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, and Australia), serving clients from over 200 countries, maintaining support in nine languages, and adhering to the severe restrictions of 6 main authorities.

Is Oanda a reliable broker?

Indeed, the world's top businesses such as Google, KPMG, TESLA, Airbnb, FedEx, IATA, PWC, Twitter, Expedia, and others have chosen OANDA as its partner, confirming OANDA's reliability and trustworthiness.

As a finance company with a history in exchange and currencies, OANDA provides a variety of services regarding trading, like OANDA Bank Transfer and OANDA's Forex services for businesses.

Pros and Cons of OANDA

Oanda is a reputable broker with a long history of activities, a strong background, a good reputation, including several regulations. OANDA is ideal for new traders because it has no minimum deposit restriction and professional education. With minimal costs and spreads, various trading tools, unique software, and industry-leading tools are available. On the downside, OANDA's terms vary based on the company and regulatory requirements, and some transactions are subject to additional fees.

Is Oanda a real company or scam?

OANDA is a very safe firm to trade with because it is strictly controlled and each step and movement is carefully monitored and followed to operating requirements. OANDA is regulated by the CFTC and the NFA in the United States, with additional regulations from the FCA, ASIC, IIROC, MAS in Singapore, and the FFAJ in Japan. As a result, OANDA is a low-risk Fx and CFD broker.

Is Oanda a trusted firm?

Due to its universal presence and coverage of many jurisdictions, OANDA Corporation is highly regulated and authorized by several government bodies.

OANDA is organized into geographical regions and covers the US, Canadian, European, Asian, and Australian markets. The essential, specific agencies that monitor the trading company regulate and authorize OANDA. Of course, every jurisdiction's regulatory structure and criteria are slightly different, but they all serve the same goal of customer privacy and visibility within the market offering.


Generally, Oanda provides many appealing features, including no minimum deposit, pricing visibility, analytical optimization, and a wide range of tools, which explains why the broker seems to have such a high level of confidence and popularity with traders. The reality that the company is built on a strong basis of dependable and successful partnerships with "global business leaders" is clearly an advantage for Oanda. What we enjoy about OANDA is the number of developments and forex bonuses variations it is making in technical instruments and their effect on the trading process.


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