Okuma Ceymar Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

The okuma ceymar is an affordable spinning reel that will make an excellent addition to your collection. It offers several features that are not usually found on lower-end models, but will help you improve your fishing skills and ability to land more fish.

The body and rotor are made of corrosion-resistant graphite, which provides a long lifespan. It also has a cyclonic flow rotor design that minimizes water penetration and helps prevent corrosion.

It has a multi-disk drag system that allows it to be light in weight without sacrificing its strength. This is a great feature for those who are looking for a lighter, sleek-looking fishing reel.

This reel also has a line roller that reduces friction and line twist, which will improve your casting and make it easier to catch more fish. It also has a spool that is equipped with an anodized aluminum cover to protect the spool from corrosion and keep it looking new.

This reel comes in five different sizes to suit a variety of fishing styles and conditions. Each one has a wide gear ratio that will provide you with plenty of casting options and a solid feel when you are on the water. These include the C10 (designed to hold 110 yards of a 4-pound line), the C20, the C25 and the C30.

David Sunnyside
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