Old Town BigWater 132 PDL Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

old town bigwater 132 pdl review


Old Town Sportsman’s BigWater is the ultimate pedal kayak for anglers who want to stay on their favorite fishing spot all day. The kayak’s efficient pedal drive system and comfortable Element seat make it easy to fish from sun-up to sun-down without breaking a sweat. And if you’re one of those JIC anglers who like to pack everything they might need, the BigWater has ample storage at the bow and stern to hold tackle boxes, extra layers and more. The kayak’s instant forward and reverse features also give you precise boat control and free up your hands so you can focus on fighting the fish.

Whether you’re chasing surface-schooling trout or fishing deep structure for trophy salmon, the BigWater will get you there quickly and easily. The kayak’s time-tested hull design and the award winning PDL drive deliver speed, maneuverability and stability. It’s even backed by Old Town’s first-in-class five-year warranty.

The BigWater also boasts a number of other useful features that make it a dream boat for serious anglers. The oversized bow hatch is ideal for storing coolers or crates. There’s also a large tankwell behind the seat to store tackle boxes, extra gear and more. And the kayak is transducer-ready, with a designated location for mounting sonar equipment.

Another nice feature is the BigWater’s mod pod, which allows users to customize their boat with a wide variety of accessories. Finally, the BigWater’s molded-in handles on the bow and stern make it easy to load the kayak onto the back of a truck.

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