Olight Warrior X 3 Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

The olight warrior x 3 is the latest release from the manufacturer who is known for their quality and attention to detail. It is designed as a tactical light with a large number of features including a vibration battery indicator, a glass-breaking strike bezel and a dual-button magnetic remote switch capable of accessing the maximum 2500 lumens in Turbo mode. The body is made from hardened aerospace-grade aluminum for strength and durability.

There is plenty of knurling on the body and tail switch to provide a solid grip even with a full hand. The included lanyard is strong and well-designed and the holster that comes with the light also looks great. There is also a ROD-7 Odin pressure switch that is compatible with the Warrior X and can be used as an alternative to the tail electronic switch.

Battery-based mode stepdown

When the battery voltage reaches a threshold level, the built-in thermal control will automatically reduce or cut off power output to prevent overheating and preserve the remaining capacity of the cell. This feature protects the battery from prematurely running down and prevents the flashlight from becoming unusable when needed most.

Mode memory

The olight warrior x 3 has an interesting UI that allows the user to select a specific output setting that will remain active when the flashlight is turned off and reactivated. The light will retain the last selected mode until a new setting is chosen or the battery is replaced.

David Sunnyside
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