Onkyo TX-8220 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

onkyo tx8220 review

The onkyo tx-8220 is a solid and highly recommended stereo receiver that offers great sound quality and superb build. It is ideal for anyone looking for a budget-friendly but powerful hi-fi system. It has a good power output that can drive most speakers and supports various streaming music services. It also comes with a nice CD player that can be used with most standard cds and records.

The Onkyo TX-8220 can drive a single pair of speakers with an impedance of 4-16 ohms or two pairs of 8-16 ohm speakers. This can be a convenient feature for those that want to listen in different rooms or in outdoor areas. The unit also has a 6.35mm headphone jack that can be used with most standard headphones. It has a simple interface with a power button on the left, an input cycler on the right and bass, treble and balance control knobs that can be used to customize the audio.

With support for Dolby Atmos, this stereo receiver can be paired with compatible speakers to create an immersive sound experience that will take your home entertainment to the next level. It can play back high-resolution audio content with up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution for rich and detailed sound.

Other notable features include HDMI eARC support that allows lossless audio to be transmitted between the receiver and TV, preserving the original quality of source material. The TX-8220 can also upscale your TV to HDR and Dolby Vision formats, which provides stunning contrast and vibrant colors on compatible 8K televisions.

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