Origami Stand-Up Desk - Origami Stand-Up Desk Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you’ve heard the alarming health warnings about sitting too much while working, a standing desk may seem like an obvious solution. However, the $400-$1000+ price tag on full-on office desks that rise and lower can make this option a bit out of reach for many people. Thankfully, a new flat-packed cardboard contraption called oristand offers an affordable alternative.

The oristand is a portable and foldable standing desk that can be used on any table. It’s made from industrial-grade cardboard, which is durable and lightweight. The desk is designed to accommodate most laptops and wireless keyboard and mouse combinations. It can hold up to 60 lb, and it should work for anyone from 5′ (152 cm) to 6′ (63.5 cm) tall on a standard desk height of 29′′ (73 cm).

Designed by Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes and Steve Suchy, the oristand has been in development for more than two years. Holmes came up with the idea after suffering from back pain and searching for a standing desk to help reduce his discomfort. After finding out that most stand-up desks cost a fortune, he decided to come up with his own DIY version.

While it’s not the most sophisticated product, the oristand is simple and straightforward to use. It can be set up in seconds and doesn’t require any tools or assembly. It’s also relatively lightweight (2 lbs) and can be folded flat for easy transport. The oristand is uncoated so it’s easily wiped down in the event of a spill, and it can be recycled along with other cardboard products.

David Sunnyside
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