Orion Hcca Amplifier Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

The hcca amplifier is a large power amp designed to handle high-current loads. It weighs about 26 pounds and features a heatsink with a rich red anodized finish and laser-etched graphics that evoke its legendary ancestors. The ends of the amp are finished with molded black caps that add to its all-business aesthetic. Inside, the amp features four high-current toroids for power supply energy storage. It also boasts a massive amount of capacitance: the output stage has 12 high-current MOSFETs and the rails have sixteen 1500-uF 200-volt caps.

An amplifier is a device that takes a low-power signal from a music source (CD player, radio, or connected device) and turns it into a high-power signal that can power a subwoofer or set of speakers. This can increase audio volume and sound quality, as well as enhance bass. An amplifier is usually installed in a modified music setup in a vehicle to make it louder and more enjoyable.

This amplifier from orion isn’t the highest-powered one on our list, but it does offer impressive output for a relatively low price. It is also built to be extremely durable and sturdy, ensuring that it will be able to stand up to even the most demanding uses. Furthermore, the amp features a convenient design, with all of its input and control functions on one side and its speaker connections on the other. This saves space and makes the unit easier to install in difficult positions.

David Sunnyside
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