Osler Oral Board Review Course

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

The osler oral board review course is one of the best resources available to help residents pass their oral boards. It is a six day seminar with syllabus that covers both the written and oral boards. The course includes lectures with evening question and answer discussions as well as mock oral exams to observe or participate in. There are also a variety of other resources including books, videos and question banks.

The Osler board review course was founded by Dr. Argy and is offered around the country. It has a large following and is very popular. There are also a number of other courses that specialize in oral board preparation. These include PassMachine, which uses real people in their scenarios and also has a large question bank. Despite the popularity of these resources, it is not clear that they will have a significant impact on passing the board exam. This is because the board exams are different from each other and focus on different skills.

CGSO Fellows, Breast Surgery fellows and practicing Surgical Oncologists who want to improve their overall CGSO knowledge base will benefit from this course. It provides practical information and exam guidance from faculty with first hand experience with the CGSO Board exam. It is designed to be a comprehensive summary of the current state of CGSO practice and research, with a focus on evidence-based medicine and board-relevant standards of care as well as new concepts and treatment strategies. It also has a half-hour public mock oral board with faculty feedback and participants can purchase additional private mock orals.

David Sunnyside
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