Otis Sunglasses Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

otis sunglasses review

In a sunglasses world filled with the same old brands offering the same old styles, Otis has managed to step up and create a brand that transcends fashion, durability and sustainability. Their frames are made from natural sourced mineral glass and feature polarised lenses that eliminate unwanted glare, so you can see more clearly while protecting your eyes. With styles that reflect a love for coastal culture, music, art and design as well as a commitment to sustainability, the Otis brand is a total game changer.

Their glasses are designed in West Australia to withstand the harsh Aussie sun and rugged surf. They are lightweight, comfortable and are available in a huge range of shapes and colours to suit almost anyone. The style designs are not to be sneezed at either, they transcend the trends that come and go as quickly as Chumbawamba’s music career. They’re going to look good and last a long time.

The otis sunglasses are built using the highest quality materials, with each pair of frames being individually checked and brought to life by hand. The frames themselves are made from Grilamid TR90, which is an advanced transparent engineering plastic that has a high-performance property profile and processability, allowing for a durable, lightweight frame. The lenses are a high-grade, optically correct mineral glass that is naturally scratch resistant and distortion free. The otis website even has a video that shows their sunglasses not being phased by a stanley knife!

David Sunnyside
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