Outdoor Research Vapor 5 Barefoot Foot Gloves Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

For anyone who wants the barefoot feel to their feet while protecting themselves from snow and cold, foot gloves are the way to go. These lightweight, versatile gloves can be worn as liner gloves to help keep the fingers of your primary gloves warm and dry or as stand-alone gloves to take on cold-weather activities like elk hunting and hiking. The supple goat leather palm, stretchy fit, and light weight make these gloves a staple of winter gear. Several reviewers found these gloves to be a great solution for Raynaud's flare-ups, and they are also a must for setting up 4-Season tents where stakes and guylines require dexterity. While they can be a bit slippery, the flexible fabric hugs the hands well and doesn't bunch up. However, be careful with Velcro and sharp objects - the gloves tend to snag and tear easily.

The Vapor Glove 5 gets the most love from barefoot runners and minimalist purists, as it provides a true ground feel with its 2 mm Vibram Ecostep outsole. The homogeneous pattern of lugs also helps protect the shoes from wearing through prematurely, especially in abrasion-prone areas like the balls of the feet and outer edges.

These gloves are water-resistant, breathable, and touchscreen-compatible, which makes them perfect for cold weather adventures. They're easy to clean (just don't machine wash) and get softer with use, conforming to the shape of your hand. They're also very durable, and come with Outdoor Research's Infinite Guarantee. One downside is that they don't provide much warmth on their own, so they should be worn as a liner glove under your main gloves.

David Sunnyside
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